Day 20

Another day and I made it. I’m starting to like fruit smoothies. Plus, I have not been hungry the last two days. I have eaten on time and kept my snacks of fruits and nuts nearby. I’m going to make it!!!

Day 19

I made it through another Vegan day! Thanks for the encouragement. When we first started this challenge, I wrote about being prepared. Last night I made sure I was prepared. I cooked a pot of basmati rice with coconut milk and mixed it with red beans and stir fried some vegetables. Tasty!!! I’m going to…

Day 18

This is the only day that I have been craving meat. I have been thinking about Folks fried chicken and peach muffins. Normally if I eat there, I order the grill or bake chicken. I am giving to much focus to this. Redirecting now. I feel good. Not feeling bloated and even lost some inches…

Day 17

Today is the third day of the Vegan diet and day 17 of the challenge.  I am sure that I cannot be a Vegan.  I will try to finish the week on this vegan diet or go back to the Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo diet.  I’m struggling, I need some encouragement.  I guess  will I call my fellow bloggers.

Day 15

I thought I would have a problem today because of the vegan diet, but I did good. I had old fashion oatmeal, apple, walnuts and coffee. Subway has this veggie patty that tastes pretty good, so I had that for lunch. I’m going to make the cauliflower fried rice on Wednesday. Some people have given…

Day 14

Monday starts the last week of the challenge.  This  past week I chose the Lacto Vegetarian diet and it was somewhat more difficult than the Lacto-ovo diet.  This week I will try the Vegan diet.  I need some help!  Any suggestions for protein?

Day 10

I’m adjusting to this new Lacto Vegetarian diet.  Today I made a vegetable stir fry with zucchini, yellow squash, onions, broccoli and pasta.  I seasoned it with worcestershire  sauce (low sodium) and spices.  Must say it was delicious.

Have you ever tried Tofurky?  I tried the one seasoned as Italian sausage, pretty good.

Day 8

I start a new phase of the challenge.  I am going to try the Lacto Vegetarian Diet.  This morning I got up and wanted an egg but realized I could not have one.  I had a bowl of cereal with almond milk and sliced almonds. I modified Donald’s recipe for the wrap.  It was so…